V-Ray Takes Innovation Best of Show at AIA National Convention in 2016

In March 2001 two companies combined to create a 3D computer graphic software plugin, today this program is still leading the industry. Chaotic Dimension and Dimension dESIGN Animation Group changed the computer graphics industry when they created V-Ray. Along with partners CL3VER, IrisVR, and Avail, they captured the Innovation Best of Show, at the AIA National Convention in 2016.

V-ray is a graphic rendering engine plugin, which has many stellar features. The technology this software has brought to the table has enabled artists to give us movies like Iron Man 3, Exodus: Gods and Kinds, Maleficent, and San Andreas. The software is also used in other design industries such as architecture, industrial design, and video games.

V-ray uses irradiance maps, raytracing, and photon mapping in global and directly computed illumination algorithms to create extremely life like graphics. Used with 3D applications such as Cinema 4D, Modo, Nuke, SketchUp, 3ds Max, Maya, Rhinoceros, Blender, and Softimage. If is also available for academic uses and in a stand-alone version.

V-ray has unbelievable features, with the raytracer listed as the fastest in the industry. V-ray is 10 times faster than it’s competitors when rendering, refractions, shadows, and reflections. Vray is faster because it distributes rendering on up to 10 networked computers during the process. V-ray has achieved being faster than it’s competitors due to this unique ability. Other features found in vray are motion blurs, focal blurs, camera types, and the ability to use HDRI.

Artists and architects always work on tight budgets and deadlines, which means they don’t have time to learn complex software. Because V-ray works with the software they currently use and has an affordable price, makes vray more than worth the low cost.