Let’s Talk About HD Cars

There are several models of HD cars. The kind of vehicles that are designed digitally with a very good software program on your PC. The first batch depicts VRay, Maxwell, and Wray designs. You can customize the exterior using a variety of different colors. Among them are red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, and silver. There is also nice interior design with a steering wheel and two seats in the front. Evermotion specializes in a great deal of these digital designs. No matter what color the design or the model of said car. A second volume of these designs deal with singular models coming in many of the same colors.

Other models are known are FryWray, Scanline, and Mental Ray. There are many textures and shaders to represent these car models in HD. Instead of spending a large amount in one’s budget to acquire a real life vehicle for a film or an episode of a television series. You can pay Evermotion a smaller fee to use one of our computer generated designs. As a result, you will have a vehicle at your disposal that can be inserted into a shot without it actually having to be on the set.

HD cars models are more affordable than paying to have an actual car driven onto the set for scene or camera shot. Only to have it driven off the set later. It is more affordable and economical to have these models edited into your shot when editing and post-production are done. It saves a lot of time and money. And it does not have to be done during filming. Working with Evermotion might be the solution for your film, television episode, or print ad.

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